Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Elaine Beth...

She sits in the drizzling rain, knee-high in mud.
Oldest clothes on, stocking cap
and large straw hat both crowning her head.
Wet and dirty,
Tired but content.
She gardens, and time stands still.
Surrounding humanity moves on, racing.

Calling out from the porch,
She turns at the sound of my voice.
Caught under the spell of her world,
Her own personal Eden.

The glory shines around her.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mountain Girls for the Seashore

I'm a mountain girl at heart. I've grown up near them, and love their steadyness and continuity. But there comes a time when the seashore calls your heart--a little. And it seems that, so far, it's only called me to one spot in particular: Cumberland Island. It's a bit of Eden on the Atlantic with coastal forest combined with the seashore.

Becca and I have tried to make it a tradition to go there every year around Christmas break, and this year, for the first time, we'll be camping with just us two. The plan is to camp for two days, then go back to civilization for a bit before heading home. the only thing I'm really gonna miss is Ben and Sharon... the last time we were there camping, they were there too. But, then, that was the trip of the imfamous boat troubles--and the late afternoon kayak sprees--(grin). And that hardly compares to the first year, with our tent-pole troubles, and Sharon's and my rolling luggage. The lady-Ranger loved us, though. I think she thought we were plucky. And I have to say, we were.

We'll leave the mountains for the rest of the year.

Christmas is for the coast.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pic's are up...

From almost a year ago.

That's the reason I needed a digital camera... eek.

But here's some hilights:

First: the entry about the trip.

Now: Some pictures:

The island has it all. From beach, to forest.

...and marsh, of course.

Fence into Dungeness...

I love this pic of Becca on the beach.

..The obligatory foot picture.
From when I fogot my tennis shoes, and Becca and I were both Dansko-shod.

I can't believe it's almost time to go again.

This time, I think we're gonna camp, and then go stay at a Bed and Breakfast.
And we'll probably drive half the night, too.

And no, we're not gonna foget the tent poles.

Or bring rolling luggage.

Becca has her pack--and I'll find--something.

God Bless!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

AppleWine Pork Chops...

I'm not sure I can really claim this as my recipe-- because it's a pretty familiar theme.
But, seeing as Daddy liked it last night, I figured it was post-worthy....

For 3 People:

4 pork chops
Salt and pepper
Montreal Chicken Seasoning, by McCormick
2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
3 Apples
1 onion
again, salt and pepper to taste
1/2 c. white wine
1/4 c. apple juice/cider

Heat 2 pans: one, a saute pan; the other, a heavy-bottomed frying pan (preferably cast iron.. )
Place 1 T. oil in the saute pan, and 1 1/2 T. in the frying/cast iron pan.
Sprinkle salt, pepper, and Montreal seasonings on pork chops and rub in the mixture.
Cut apples and onions into thin slices. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and Montreal seasoning, drop into the saute pan, and begin sauteing.
Meanwhile, check to see if frying pan is searing temperature (a splash of water should evaporate in 2 seconds). When the pan is ready, place pork chops in pan, leaving, undisturbed, for 3-4 minutes. Then, turn to the other side, and do the same. Pork chops will not be fully cooked.
Once finished searing chops, remove them from pan, keeping the temperature high. Pour the wine into the pan, and scape the bottom of the pan to "deglaze" it. Place chops back into the pan, along with the apple-onion mixture.
Cook, covered for 5-10 minutes, until wine is almost fully evaporated. Then, pour apple cider over chops, and cook for 2-3 more minutes.

Serve with mashed potatoes, homemade bread--whatever...


God Bless y'all...

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As Promised...

Saturday, I started out with just a coupla goals:

  • Open my wheat grinder (That I had for a week, and still not been able to play with...)
  • Learn how to use it (Pretty easy if you know what you're doing...)
  • Bake bread (Also not too hard, provided you know what you're doing...)

First--opening the box and reading the instructions.
Then, time to clean the grinder... which basically meant using it for the first time.
I put the wheat in the hopper:

Turned it on...

And flour went everywhere.

Hmmm.... They'd forgot to mention to make sure the bottom basket was shoved in all the way!
(Or else, I was skimming it too also a possibility...)

After I cleaned up the mess... It was time for coffee.

And time to make more flour, to make bread.

Now, Bread has 4 essential ingredients: Flour, salt, yeast, and liquid. That's really all you need.
This recipe had more than that, but that's not too important...

So, I'm mixing away, talking to Heather on the phone, having a great time with Mama's 6-quart Professional KitchenAid mixer, and the bread's looking good. Really good.

As you can see, the dough hook's doing its job, and I hardly had to get my hands messy,
with the mixer doing all the work!

And then, I noticed something laying on the counter. The packet of yeast.
(Sigh) So much for not getting into it...

I mixed the yeast with a bit of warm water and honey, poured in the flour to make a sponge, and then hand- kneaded the two doughs together. So-- now you know what to do if this happens to you! --Lol...

A couple of hours later, this is what it looked like:


And ready for the second rising. Except one problem: I had to go to the "Family Fall Birthday" party at my aunt's house. 1 1/2 hours away. And I knew it was gonna be late when I got back.

But, thankfully, I really like to read cookbooks, and I remembered from somewhere:
If you stick bread in the fridge during a rise, it won't kill the yeast, but it will slow it down...

Good news.

So, after I got back at 1 AM, (and Sharon, who'd gotten home an hour earlier than me, had pulled the loaves out of the fridge, ) I stuck them in the oven on the "proof" setting for a little longer:

And then. Time to slash the tops. Which seriously reminds me of popping a balloon:

For obvious reasons. Poor bread.

Thankfully, the oven does wonders:

And the slashing pretty much did it's job.

The final result:

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Monday, October 16, 2006


"You've never seen the kitchen?!"

This is what my conversation with Heather sounded like as I made bread and she cleaned.
It's a sort-of routine we have; to talk while we're doing stuff on occasional Saturday mornings...

And then, we both discovered she'd not been to my house in over 4 1/2 years.
Not since before the kitchen was remodeled.

Good Grief! What marriage will do to a girl!

(Lol--I'm just kidding!! Don't get up-in-arms, anyone!)

But, for her benefit, I decided to upload some pics of my mom's kitchen to my photosite:

There, Heather; your very own virtual tour!

--God Bless!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marie had a little lamb...

As promised from the forums...

(which I've just rediscovered is an awesome place.)

My Birthday:

Began at 12:00 AM, with my mother, grading papers.

Because grades were due in by 3:00 PM, 10/12.

(I'm not exactly known for my anti-procrastination. Ahem.)

She gave me a surprise, because she was sad nothing else was gonna be. Isn't she the sweetest?

Mama looooves to bargain shop, and she'd found a really pretty green jacket and a shirt to match.

After school, I call my mother to tell her it's too late to meet up to shop for new glasses (of which I'm in desperate need...) She suggests we go out... and I'm all game!

We go to the best restaurant within a fifteen-mile radius.

(Well--that could be debatable. It's what you're looking for...)

But it was really good. Here's what I had: Lamb Chops plus...

I know it looks rare... the picture turned out a little more red than the meat actually was.

And here's my birthday cake that wasn't cake--but it was sooooo good, nonetheless.
I think they must have used Challa to make this, because the bread held up so well.

I also gave myself a birthday present--lol--
but Abby and her family had to get it for me, from their stay at Myrtle Beach:

I don't want to quote what Abby said when I got it, but needless to say, I was excited. After all, I'd been out for a week...

Finally: the big'un. My family went in together to get me what I really wanted, which was.... (drumroll...)

A Wheat Grinder!

Yup. I've been indoctrinated by my sister. And thoroughly convinced that freshly-ground flour tastes better than the other stuff. Soooo... next post... when I get to it... will be a retelling of my first loaves out of the oven..
(Well--from my very-own freshly-ground whole-wheat. I've made bread before.)

Entertaining, I'm sure it will be... because I can't do anything without something resembling a catastrophe...

Especially if it's supposed to be a "first"... of sorts...

But to all of you who made it a special day, thanks so much.

The friends I have who are part of the Bride of Jesus Christ--they're the best ones around.

God Bless Y'all!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just wanted to praise God...

I went to the eyedoctor today. I hadn't been in two years.

I went because the left hinge of my current frames is on its last legs. And I figured I'd better find out if my perscription's changed before I go and spend another $300-$400 on a new pair.

If you know the history of my eyes, or you've tried on my glasses (usually that's a dizzying experience for most peeps), you know this:
I'm farsighted in one eye; nearsighted in the other--and those two factors really wouldn't make a difference except that I've got pretty bad astigmatism in both. It's worse in my right eye.

And I hardly ever go to the doctor without a change in perscription... especially if it's been--like--two years.

Praise the Lord.

My perscription's been steady for three years now!

I know it's small--but I'm so thankful.

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What my name REALLY means...


Marie --

An immortal

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Lenora --

A person who laughs at anything (even this entry)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Der Svedish Meatball...

My brother in-law's brother (isn't that called once removed?)
has currently discovered Muppets videos.

But not just any.

Oh, no.

C'est la creme de la creme... or perhaps the meatball of meatballs...
in more ways than one.

Here 'tis, in all of its glory.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

80 Days 'Till Christmas Break...

At least that's what my countdown says.

I started this year with such high expectations. And overall, it's going well. But that doesn't help that:

  1. I think I'm out of my place--thankfully with my daddy's approval--
  2. I'm already tired. And I've got a little over three nine weeks left. So--I'm just depending on the Lord to take me through. It's the only thing I can really do anyway.
    (It sounds like I need a break... hmmm...)
The meetings were wonderful. I feel as if I'm back where I was when I first recieved the Holy Ghost... and that's such an awesome place to be. My God is so good--all Glory to Him!

Other than that, I don't feel as if I have much news. Maybe I'll have more to say in a coupla days...

God Bless.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006


As you might have noticed from Sharon's Blog, we're having meetings at my church right now.

And they're wonderful.

Jesus Christ is so good to us.

If you'd like to listen in, you can go to my church's website, and it will tell you how.

E-53 You don't get a mouthful this time. You get a heart full. The same Holy Spirit that fell on the day of Pentecost is stored up. He said, "It's for you and to your children and to them at Phoenix, Arizona." There's to whom that the Lord our God shall call (Amen.) want honey in the rock.
I used to make a little remark like this, watching a shepherd, how they carried the little scrip bags you know. And when an old sheep would get sick, they'd pour some of the honey on the rock, and the sick sheep would go to licking the honey off the rock. In licking the honey, you got some of the limestone, and the limestone healed the sick sheep.

E-54 I got a whole scrip bag full up here this afternoon, and I'm going to put it on the Rock, Christ Jesus, and you sick sheep go to licking. I pray you'll get some of it, sure as the world. That's right. Amen. There's honey in the rock.
And remember brother, sister, I'll not put it on the Methodist church, the Baptist church, the Pentecostal church. I'll put it where it belongs, on Jesus Christ, the Son of...?... Yes.
Sick sheep, just lick, lick, lick and you're sure to get some of the limestone. Just shout to the top of your voice, scream to the top of your voice. While your licking, you're going to get some virtue in there. Just as quick...?... Amen. Yes. Honey in the rock, David spoke of it.

E-55 All right, the rock. There's some kind of an element in a rock that does healing. The old-timers used to, when someone got bit by a mad dog, they'd stuck him against the mad stone. If he stuck, he got well. If he didn't stick, he died.
Well, brother, the worst mad dog I know is the devil. And the best cure I know is the Rock of Ages. Get to It. Hold on to It. Hallelujah. It's a double cure for both sin and sickness.
Oh, what the Church needs today is not a new building here on the corner. It's not a new pipe organ in the church nor some new seats.
What It needs is a good old-time Saint Paul's revival, and the Bible Holy Ghost back into the Church, repentance preached in the fire and the simplicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men unto Me," said Jesus. Holy Ghost and Fire... When we let the Fire go out, we're sinking.
--Brother Branham.

God Bless you all!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Lill' Guys--and a Girl...

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows how much I love my siblings' children... And since I've got a new one to dote on, it's picture time!

The newest addition...

Lucas, bein' his sleepy, sweet self...

While Renee sacs some 'taters with Grandaddy, bein' her usual bubbly self.

These others are a little older... from this summer.


Thinking. And listening. He's the type to pause before action.

And Samuel...

..who tends to take the bull by the horns, and run with it.

Gotta love 'em all.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You tell me...

...what you would have done. Setting: 6th Grade ELA classroom, public school USA.
Studying Latin and Greek roots.
Root of the moment: archy = government example words: matriarch / patriarch.

And I'm relating it to my students' lives by discussing who rules their homes.
A little boy in the back of the room politely raises his hand, his expression serious. "My daddy--he told me that the Bible says women aren't supposed to rule their families.
Men are supposed to rule the family.
" "Yup, Christian, that's what the Bible says."

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Monday, September 11, 2006

One last foodie entry...

I seem to do the majority of cooking on Saturday morn, and this recipe is no exception...

Huevos Rancheros
(per person...just because you never know how many pple want to eat...)

1/2 c. mixed greens (mesclun mix)

1 egg
1 T. sweet milk
1 T. buttermilk
salt and pepper to taste
a dash or two of thyme (whole spice is better than ground in this case)
1/4 c. salsa (whatever your fave is)

Wash greens, an allow to dry while cooking eggs. Heat saucepan; spray, or grease with butter. Mix all ingredients except salsa together. After pan is hot, pour in egg mixture, and begin to set them. Pour salsa in pan over eggs, and cook eggs, scrambled-style, until salsa is no longer runny. Place greens on a plate; pour huevos over greens. Enjoy!

Last time, I tried it with all buttermilk. It was a bit stringier than usual, but the flavor was marvelous. So, I'm recommending 1/2 sweet milk; 1/2 buttermilk until I find out differently...

I know this sounds weird--but it was so good. Or maybe it's just a "Marie Thing"-- there are quite a few of those, ya know... lol!


Half-Buttermilk was good--but I kinda miss the extra cheesy kinda flavour full buttermilk gives! It's still up for debate.

Another word of wisdom: if you're using fresh thyme, be careful! It's easy to get to much--eek...

**end edit**

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Thursday, September 07, 2006


One reason I keep posting recipes is because it's an easy way to keep up with them....

Marie's Cherry Nut Dump Cake

1 20-oz can crushed pineapple, partially drained
1 15-oz can cherries in heavy syrup
1 box Butter Pecan cake mix
1 stick (1/2 c.) butter, sliced into small sections
1/2 c. diced nuts or nutty struesel (I used some leftover crust from an almond cheesecake...)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray down a pyrex or metal 13x9 pan. In pan, mix together pineapple and cherries. Layer cake mix on top. Layer nuts or struesel on top of that. Place slices of butter on top, covering the surface of the "cake".

Bake for 45-50 minutes.

This turns out a bit like a fruit buckle. It's incredibly easy when you have to bring in something at the last minute!

God Bless

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Teacher Rant...

I've been checking out some of the blogs Sharon has connected to her site. And while I enjoy most of them, (well, really all of them) there's something that I don't enjoy. And that is a critical spirit towards my profession. That is, my profession for now. I don't plan on doing this forever; that was never part of the plan. I believe with all my heart that a woman's place is at home. But when faced with reality, we do what we must until dreams can be lived.

One reason I even became a teacher was for the purpose of educating my own children. I have no qualms with the fact parents wish to educate their own; I myself will do that one day. And I will do it with all my heart. However, even when I am no longer in the classroom, I hope I never slight the job--or the battlefront--I've had. It bugs me to hear homeschooling parents belittle the public education system. Or rather, not the system itself--everyone knows that's corrupt and twisted (NCLB and AYP are perfect examples). But belittling teachers for the work they do gets under my skin. The people who put in 70 and 80-hour work weeks in order to educate the students under their care deserve credit. And what these wonderful, homeschooling parents don't realize is this: while they have a choice on whom they educate, we don't. We educate them all, problems and all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

One great commentary on this subject is this article.

For those of you not involved in the public education system, this may sound wierd. I know the feeling--I've been there. I never started out to be a public school teacher, but now that I'm here, I'm doing my best. And I'm doing my best to let my students see Christ through me. That, ultimately, is my prayer--"Lord, may my students see Christ today."

God Bless you.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Food Time...

Spinach Whole-Wheat Bread Pudding (or bake... )
This was the result of having too much bread around the house, and needing to use up some bacon.... Oven: 375 1 1/2-2 c. Whole-Wheat bread pieces, chopped into 1 1/2" blocks
(I didn't measure, so I'm not sure...)
1/2 c. grated cheese, divided (whatever you have on hand--as long as it's fairly strong. I made it with sharp cheddar, but it would be delish with feta or a strong swiss.) 1 package frozen spinach, defrosted and drained (actually, I take a fine sieve, and press the water out...) 1 1/2 c. milk 4 eggs, beaten 1/2 t. salt (maybe less-- I eyeballed it, and did it to taste) freshly ground pepper to taste two dashes of nutmeg (VERY important! Don't leave it out, even if you're unsure!) 3-6 pieces bacon, cooked and crumbled Put bread pieces in a shallow, 1 1/2 qt. dish. Take half the cheese, and mix it with the bread. In a medium-large cup or bowl, mix the milk, eggs, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Mix in spinach. (At this point, I always test the mix to make sure the salt and spice content's right by taking a bit of the mixture, microwaving it, and trying it out. You can do the same, if you wish.) Mix with bread, stirring around to make sure bread is evenly coated. Top with bacon and extra cheese. Bake in a 375 oven for 35-40 minutes. A great Saturday Morn Thing.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Haiku for a New Year

Now school has begun
And I am in need of sleep
Someone please pass some.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Forgiveness, by George Roemisch


Forgiveness is the wind-blown bud
which blooms in placid beauty at Verdun.

Forgiveness is the tiny slate-gray sparrow
which has built its nest of twigs and string
among the shards of glass upon
the wall of shame.

Forgiveness is the child who
laughs in merry ecstasy
beneath the toothed fence that
closes in Da Nang.

Forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet
which still clings fast to the
heel that crushed it.

Forgiveness is the broken dream
which hides itself within the corner of the mind
oft called forgetfulness so that
it will not bring pain to the dreamer.

Forgiveness is the reed
which stands up straight and green
when nature's mighty rampage halts, full spent.

Forgiveness is a God who will not leave us
after all we've done.

by George Roemisch

With appreciation from

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I guess I must update sometime...

And now's just as good as any!

Pic's are now up!
(what few I have)

We had a great trip to Nogales and Tucson.
It was filled with blessings
--and sometimes, the battles that go with them.

For instance--my father's van.
Which overheated on the way to Birmingham. Which caused my temper (Lord, please forgive me...) to overheat, because we had a plane to catch. We drove from Commerce to Birmingham sans AC.
But--as usual, when things go wrong--Daddy rose to the occasion. Thank you, Daddy--when I returned to the van the following week, the AC was working, and the van was no longer overheating.
The van, which was previously known as ?_thevan_? has a new name.

I have now dubbed it "The Hump-backed Whale".
It sure gave us a whale of an adventure.

We arrived in Tucson, our time, 2AM. Needless to say, there was some adjusting to be done.
We traveled to Nogales the next day.

You know, sometimes it doesn't matter if a place is dirty, smelly, and below our standards of living. Sometimes we need to see that--not only to see how blessed we are, but also to realize that the people--especially the Bride of Jesus Christ--shines out that much more. I met some incredibly precious brothers and sisters, and saw the Glory of God in them.

One wonderful testimony from the trip: While at the end of the service, the Holy Ghost fell, and a little boy (our best guess was 6-7 years old) who had never spoken, spoke for the first time. His first word: Gloria.

I was pretty amazed at my ability to catch--at the very least--the context of what people were saying. Lol-- I went in wanting to speak what little French I know at every turn, and ended up wanting to speak what little Spanish I know instead...

And I had some great people to help me out! Thanks to Sis. Norma, Sis.Bernice, Sis. Ellie, and Sis. Bertha especially! And to the brother that made us feel so at home that first night--much thanks also! It was such a blessing to meet you all.

This (when I post it) was my last photo of the trip, because--alas--being the accident-prone person that I am, I dropped my dad's camera. ( I woulda had mine--but that's another story all together...) I thought it was going to work at first--but nope. The lense would niether go in nor out. So--all the sights I saw after that were sans camera. So, I've decided I need to go back sometime. But--not in the summer.

I thought--being from the hot and steamy South--that I'd be able to tolerate the heat. But lemme tell you-- I've now discovered just how balmy the part of the world where I live really is!

You guys that live in Tucson-- I still don't know how you survive the heat.
I came home, grateful for my wet heat that's not so hot. (And when I heard someone complain about the heat today--I compared the dry 114 to our wet 85/90--and thanked God!)

After we got back to the states, we went to Bro. Pearry Greene's church (but Bro. Luke preached). I really enjoyed the service, as well as meeting and hanging out with the people there.

(I think I took this at Bro. Greene's church--someone please correct me if I'm wrong...)

The next few days, we went to Sunset Mountain, where I got to do something I'd wanted to do since I went last time:

Climb to the top.

(Oh, for a camera... ) Lol--

It was wonderful, as was Sabino Canyon. Unfortunately, I wasn't feelin' so swuff on Tuesday, so I couldn't hike much. But the gift shop/learning center at the base of the canyon had a great place to zonk out (it had a theater)--so that's what the majority of our sick crew did.

Afterwards, the people who wanted to act young went and played v-ball. The people who wanted to be older and sophistocated went to that infamous steakhouse (where they cut off your ties...) I was among the young and innocent.

Last Wednesday, we left Tucson at 6AM. Our time, 10AM--but that didn't help much, since by then we were used to the time.

I was basically worthless the next day... but after that, I feel like I've been going almost nonstop to get ready for another school year.

**end of edit**

One last word about the camera: After I'd realized it was officially broken, I prayed that God would fix it. I tried it a couple more times after that, and then let it go. It laid in my suitcase 'till I got home, and my mother asked about it. A few minutes later, my dad came up to my room with the camera in his hand--and it was fixed! He said that he'd pressed on the lense as he was turning it on, in order to "mesh" the gears together again--- but my mother said it looked like he'd just laid hands on it. Lol--God most certainly answered my prayer, even if it was by a different way than I'd thought it would happen!

On a more serious note:
Someone asked earlier if this was a Missionary trip to Mexico. And in truth, I have to say no. First, because I'm a girl. And secondly, because I went to get blessed myself. And through God's grace, I was. Through my Lord and Savior, and through His people.

~God Bless.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2nd entry from my lappy...

I now (finally!) have wireless at home. (Yipeee!)


It's late--and the sistas are together.

Eating cereal--and various sundry things--and about to practice. For the CD.
That we haven't really worked on--yet.

We're recording for the next few days. Then, I'm headed to Mexico and Tucson.

In the meantime I want to finish a skirt, and make a dress. I donno if it's gonna get done.

Hmm-- I doubt it, but It'll be fun trying!


"This New Testiment was written in His blood...
So I could go free..."


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm feeling bereft.

Alysa left from Hartsfield Jackson this morning. I didn't cry 'til she left.

We had such a good time. The only complaint I have is that I didn't have enough time with her. I mean, I did--but--only really a day in SC, at home. And that just didn't seem long enough.

But--what we did do was tremendous fun!

Sunday night, we made it in for the preaching--but not the song service--at my church. The service was great. Afterwards, we went over to Bro. Chris and Sis. Debora's house to hang out with some of the brothers and sisters--a great time of fun and felowship. And it was Aly's proper introduction to southern greeens ('cause Sis. Mary can cook them like nobody's business!)--and BlueBell icecream--and--I'm not sure what else.

We went to Isaqueena Falls on Monday, on the way to Atlanta (or, maybe we should say we took a detour. It wasn't exactly--on the way-- ...

...But it was too pretty

to miss.

Aly got to go behind the falls--which is a fun, slippy, slimy kinda journey--but great fun!

Hahaha--Aly--what'er you doin'?

The other end of the falls--that we didn't go to, because we weren't dressed to get completely muddy... or wet...

We'd thought we wanted to go onto Atlanta--but a pit-stop at home was in order.


First order of business: Whole Foods. We thought we might also go to Ikea--but we didn't make it past here.

I think Aly's in love with this store...

(But then, so am I...)

Then: the crazy, but delish Italian place in Midtown: Pasta da Pulchinella

Then, to Ben and Sharon's, where we talked, sang, and played on our laptops. See Sharon's latest about that--lol!

We managed to stay up 'till 3:30. Then we crashed.

We were up, (pretty) early this morn--to take Aly to the airport.

I miss you, girl.

You're truly one of a kind.

Your dedication to the Lord, and to your friends, is beautiful to see and experience.

May you be blessed wherever you go.

For even though we all want you to return--soon...

We know one day there will be a great reunion, where friends will never have to say goodbye.

I'm looking for that day.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Now is the time for all good people to talk about their trip...

My story starts much earlier, so I'm gonna do it out of order. It's better that way.

Smokies--gonna have to wait a bit more.

I'd just gotten in from camping the day before. Needless to say, I was a little slow-going, but managed to get off at off at 2:30.

About an hour into the trip--Sam called. And tells me Aly's flight's not coming in 'till 8 PM. Sooo....

I call my mom. (AKA Mama--) She informs me my brand, spankin'new laptop has just come in. I think about turning around. I don't, and continue the foray into Atlanta traffic.
(Which is notoriously awful, by the way...)

I meet up with Sam--and eventually Sharon and Renee. We go to the craziest Southern restaurant. Decorated none too tastefully with 50's memorobilia. The food was good, and s-l-o-w. Just like the stereotypical South--and not like Atlanta. Next time-- I think we'll try something else...ya think?

We go to meet Aly's (now) 10 PM flight, and stand in the HOT parking garage for an hour, talking. Sam and I are headed in the same direction, so we proceed along 75/85 for about 30 minutes--until we stop at the Ghetto gas station--where the girls are amazed that I remain (by all appearances) unafraid of the loud and obnoxious humanity that frequent the place. Aly gets her first taste of bad Southern culture--amd lives to (not) talk about it...

Aly goes off with Sam, leaving me to nearly fall asleep--and keep myself awake by listening to LOUD, sing-along-able Black gospel, while shaking myself every few'till Sam's exit. It's now 2:30 AM. 12 hours after I'd left home.

Aly and I treck on to home away from home, and arrive at 7:30 AM. Just in time to meet an awesome girl named Rachel, and get ready for church!
So, to church we will go.

In all honesty, this is where most of the sillyness ends, and the awesomeness begins. It was so incredibly silly to drive all night to make it to Jeffersonville, but I really believe we were blessed for it. The service at the Tabernacle that Sunday morning was Wonderful--the Holy Spirit came down, and blessed us all. The evening service was wonderful too.
And for all y'all that walked along the bridge, and endured our many stops for photo op's--lol--God bless you for it!

I could remember that the statues at the end of the bridges were significant, but I didn't remember what about it was... It was good to remember.
--The ax is laid to the root of the tree.


I'm overusing the word, but once again, we were blessed to be at VOG.
Then--the Ohioh River off Spring Street, and Shimph's
(which we almost missed, 'cause we were talkin' too much!)

We went in the Boy Scout store so I could stare at the Nalgenes--and the Carabiners--lol--and the star charts--and the Badges...

Then we went to visit Bro. Branham's grave.

After that, we walked around noticing all the believers around our prophet.
I especially love Sis. Bryant's grave:

and then went over to Becca's and watched the Princess Bride--
Aly'd never seen it before, so it was important!

We started out by going to Tunnel Mill:

Where I fell on my rear in the mud. Really, it was funny! Shoulda known to bring my tevas...

Vacation is not complete without a foot picture...

After I got cleaned up, we went shopping.
Green was the color of the day for me--
3 green skirts, a green purse, a green tote bag, a green hair band, a green scarf....

too bad I'm not. kidding.

Finally, after MANY detours and wrong turns (lol, Rachel!) we made it over to Bro. Trevor's. I don't have any pic's, but a great time was had by all! Thanks for having us over, Bro!

My last evening. I wasn't ready to go. So, we stayed up 'till 4. Talking. Laughing.
Eating ice cream sundays, and drinking marvelous tea.
And watching a movie.

I got 3 hours of sleep.

But, you know. My God is so good. I hardly felt the hours going back. No mishaps (other than Asheville, Heather--lol--and that was my fault!)

Got in just in time for a wonderful service at my church-the start of the anual meetings.

My God is so good to me.

And His Bride is so kind.

God bless everyone in Jeff!

I think part of my heart's still there.

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