Thursday, May 31, 2007

If you've ever wanted to learn how to cook...

Here is a great article, just for you.

I really like NPR's kitchen window, but because it doesn't play on my NPR station--as far as I know--I read the blog instead.

I couldn't help but laugh at her description of Joy of Cooking. I looove that cookbook, and if you've ever looked at my copy, you can tell it's been cooked out of.
It. is. not. new.

Whether you're a seasoned cook, or a newbie, the article's a great reminder of all things simple and good in cooking.

Summer is here...

Which means I'm getting Sleep!

And cleaning out!

And organizing!

--and generally all that fun stuff that I never seemed to have time to do during school.

--Finishing my mother's day present:

Mama picked out the upholstery to reupholster these chairs that she'd already repainted. She's an amazing woman... she helped me reupholster them, even though it was my present to her. My dad's staple gun is one tough cookie.

And enjoying the front porch:

(This one's for you, Sharon--so you can see what it looks like.)

And, as promised, the gardenias are blooming:

We had a wonderful service last night. My pastor was out of town, so we listened to the tape The Unity of One God in the One Church. It was heaven-sent manna:


112 Did you ever notice wheat growing? If you see wheat stand up and just shaking itself like that, remember, there's no head in it. It's empty. A full head always bows. And a man that's full, and filled with God's goodness and His mercy, He bows his head in humility. "He that will humble himself, God will exalt. He that exalts himself, shall be made abased."

Friends, it's time that men and women woke up to the facts, that we want to be one. Jesus prayed that we might be one, just as God and Him were One. And God was in Him. And we are One with Christ if we let Christ come in. But it's the only way we can do, is to let Him take the control room in our heart, then we become One.



83 You are filled with something. You might be filled with doubt. Your poor hearts may be running over with doubt. I hope not. Your hearts may be full of frets and worry. And it might be that your hearts are full of trouble. And it might be that you're full of religion, intellectual, fine perfumed theology, belonging to the great churches that's been in existence for years, setting back just as confidence as you can be. Brother, let me say to you; you might bring members to that church until you get old and die, and you'll never do nothing but build another tower to Babel. Certainly.

You can be full of foolishness; you can be full of nonsense; you can be full of anything; but you can't stay empty. The Bible says you can't.



95 There's what God wants you filled with. He wants you filled with the Holy Ghost, and then you'll be united, what to? A church? No, sir. You'll be united, what to? A creed? No, sir. You'll be united to God. And you and Him will be one, as He and the Father is One. And God's Holy Spirit will live in you. And the same works that the Holy Spirit performed when It was here in the Christ, Jesus, shall be performed in you, for He said He'd do it. Then we are one. Jesus prayed for that.



142 And that's right, friends. Riches is not measured out by dollars. Riches is not measured out by big names and popularity. Riches is when the Kingdom of God has come into the human heart, changed his emotions, and made him a new creature in Christ Jesus, and give him Eternal Life. That's the richest thing on earth. Let us pray.

And while our heads is bowed. Are you poor tonight in this world's goods? You don't even know how you're going to pay the coal bill or the oil bill, or whatevermore? You may be that way; I hope you're not. But if it's so that you are that way, you can leave this building tonight the happiest poor man there is on the earth. You can live here with--leave here tonight with riches that no money could ever buy. You can unite your heart with Christ Jesus, and He can come into your soul and take the control room. And no matter what comes or goes, you'll be happy the rest of your days...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The sun is streaming through the window in the kitchen as I write this post. It seems like the promise of summer. A summer that starts in two short days. Tomorrow, students will stream out of school, released for 2 1/2 months, driving their parents crazy, rather than their teachers.

And then, it's back to the drawing board again.

This time of year is always a bit hard. Not from the perspective that school's ending, but that my mistakes of the year seem to stand in black-and-white relief. And, while I resolve to do better, be better next year, I also realize my humanity--and how that in itself inhibits me from doing and being all I wish.

I signed my contract with some trepidation this year. I prayed over it; agonized over it. And at one point, declared I wasn't coming back to teaching. (Of course, that was while I was taking two graduate-level courses and was extremely stressed out.) But the problem with changing jobs is that you have to figure out your next step--what you're going to do. And that sort of next step is not easy for me. So I signed my contract for next year in faith that the Lord would lead me out, if I needed an out. And I'm trusting that He'll lead me through.

But for now, my mother's roses are in bloom. And then the gardenias will soon perfume the air. And I've got the summer to look forward to. And a God to serve and praise.

And He leads me beside still waters--somewhere in the valley below

And He draws me aside to be tested and tried; in the valley He restoreth my soul