Sunday, October 01, 2006

80 Days 'Till Christmas Break...

At least that's what my countdown says.

I started this year with such high expectations. And overall, it's going well. But that doesn't help that:

  1. I think I'm out of my place--thankfully with my daddy's approval--
  2. I'm already tired. And I've got a little over three nine weeks left. So--I'm just depending on the Lord to take me through. It's the only thing I can really do anyway.
    (It sounds like I need a break... hmmm...)
The meetings were wonderful. I feel as if I'm back where I was when I first recieved the Holy Ghost... and that's such an awesome place to be. My God is so good--all Glory to Him!

Other than that, I don't feel as if I have much news. Maybe I'll have more to say in a coupla days...

God Bless.

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