Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just wanted to praise God...

I went to the eyedoctor today. I hadn't been in two years.

I went because the left hinge of my current frames is on its last legs. And I figured I'd better find out if my perscription's changed before I go and spend another $300-$400 on a new pair.

If you know the history of my eyes, or you've tried on my glasses (usually that's a dizzying experience for most peeps), you know this:
I'm farsighted in one eye; nearsighted in the other--and those two factors really wouldn't make a difference except that I've got pretty bad astigmatism in both. It's worse in my right eye.

And I hardly ever go to the doctor without a change in perscription... especially if it's been--like--two years.

Praise the Lord.

My perscription's been steady for three years now!

I know it's small--but I'm so thankful.

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