Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mountain Girls for the Seashore

I'm a mountain girl at heart. I've grown up near them, and love their steadyness and continuity. But there comes a time when the seashore calls your heart--a little. And it seems that, so far, it's only called me to one spot in particular: Cumberland Island. It's a bit of Eden on the Atlantic with coastal forest combined with the seashore.

Becca and I have tried to make it a tradition to go there every year around Christmas break, and this year, for the first time, we'll be camping with just us two. The plan is to camp for two days, then go back to civilization for a bit before heading home. the only thing I'm really gonna miss is Ben and Sharon... the last time we were there camping, they were there too. But, then, that was the trip of the imfamous boat troubles--and the late afternoon kayak sprees--(grin). And that hardly compares to the first year, with our tent-pole troubles, and Sharon's and my rolling luggage. The lady-Ranger loved us, though. I think she thought we were plucky. And I have to say, we were.

We'll leave the mountains for the rest of the year.

Christmas is for the coast.

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Sharon said...

Yes, Christmas is for the coast. That's why we're spending the week after Christmas at a beach house!

I guess you could say we've softied up a little! At least the guys are still planning to once again don wetsuits and fight/ride the waves in kayaks.

I'm glad I finally caught up with you here. I was wondering what was up with the no-post-Xanga-thing!