Sunday, October 15, 2006

Marie had a little lamb...

As promised from the forums...

(which I've just rediscovered is an awesome place.)

My Birthday:

Began at 12:00 AM, with my mother, grading papers.

Because grades were due in by 3:00 PM, 10/12.

(I'm not exactly known for my anti-procrastination. Ahem.)

She gave me a surprise, because she was sad nothing else was gonna be. Isn't she the sweetest?

Mama looooves to bargain shop, and she'd found a really pretty green jacket and a shirt to match.

After school, I call my mother to tell her it's too late to meet up to shop for new glasses (of which I'm in desperate need...) She suggests we go out... and I'm all game!

We go to the best restaurant within a fifteen-mile radius.

(Well--that could be debatable. It's what you're looking for...)

But it was really good. Here's what I had: Lamb Chops plus...

I know it looks rare... the picture turned out a little more red than the meat actually was.

And here's my birthday cake that wasn't cake--but it was sooooo good, nonetheless.
I think they must have used Challa to make this, because the bread held up so well.

I also gave myself a birthday present--lol--
but Abby and her family had to get it for me, from their stay at Myrtle Beach:

I don't want to quote what Abby said when I got it, but needless to say, I was excited. After all, I'd been out for a week...

Finally: the big'un. My family went in together to get me what I really wanted, which was.... (drumroll...)

A Wheat Grinder!

Yup. I've been indoctrinated by my sister. And thoroughly convinced that freshly-ground flour tastes better than the other stuff. Soooo... next post... when I get to it... will be a retelling of my first loaves out of the oven..
(Well--from my very-own freshly-ground whole-wheat. I've made bread before.)

Entertaining, I'm sure it will be... because I can't do anything without something resembling a catastrophe...

Especially if it's supposed to be a "first"... of sorts...

But to all of you who made it a special day, thanks so much.

The friends I have who are part of the Bride of Jesus Christ--they're the best ones around.

God Bless Y'all!

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