Thursday, April 13, 2006


For my mother...

An Observation
True gardeners cannot bear a glove
Between the sure touch and the tender root,

Must let their hands grow knotted as they move

With a rough sensitivity about
Under the earth, between
the rock and shoot,
Never to bruise or wound the hidden fruit.
And so I watched my mother's hands grow scarred,
She who could heal the wounded plant or friend

With the same vulnerable yet rigorous love;

I minded once to see her beauty gnarled,

But now her truth is given me to live,

As I learn for myself we must be hard
To move among the tender with an open hand,

And to stay sensitive up to the end

Pay with some toughness for a gentle world.

by May Sarton

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Monday, April 10, 2006

It's Spring...

...And I'm on Spring Break. Halelujah! (grin) I've needed some time off--as shown by the dates on my last post. Over ONE MONTH ago. I'm sorry, y'all. I've been lazy. It's not as if nothing has happened--we've taken a field trip (or two), read lots, worked lots, written lots... I'm tired. but I'll get over it. This week, hopefully. That way, I'll be able to force my kids to work 'till PACT. and HARD. Because I want them to do well. Went to Charlotte with Becca last Satuday. Had a lovely time, and got to go to my favorite fabric store ever. (well, the best I've been to.) Got some BE-YOU-TEE--FULL fabric that looks something like this:

(This isn't the exact shade, but as close as I could get on the compie without going out and buying a digital camera--and--lol...) It's "Yarn-Dye" Linen-which means it was woven in 2 different colors... spring green and cream. Also, at Mary Jo's (the fabric place), I got lining fabric. Because I'm going to line this dress. But I didn't get plasticized polyester, that doesn't breathe--oh no. I got Ambience! Yay! --Lol-- Sorry. I get carried away about fabric. I just hope the dress turns out as well as I want it to. I'm going to try out the pattern first-- do a mock-up--before cutting into the linen and the lining. I'm changing a lot of things about the pattern, so I it's a good thing. Actually, though--this isn't my Easter dress. That's black, and originally from Target (I got it from a local discount outlet for less than $10). I'm "fixing" it too--but that's another long story. I also got to go to L'Occitaine, and Aldo, and Caswell Massey, and all those fun stores that aren't anywhere around me at home. Okay, enough about shopping...
So far, my break has been wonderful, but now I need to actually get things done. Like, fix my easter dress. It needs more length, sleeves, and a higher neckline (sounds like a lot, I know, but it's really not that bad...) and then I need to find a pink scarf to go with it. I've done it again. Gone off on a tangent about clothes. I'm also going to try to do a bit more in my garden... ...but anyone who knows me well knows that I have about a total of a weeks' worth of gardening in my blood in the spring. It doesn't last through the summer, so I have to get done what I'm gonna do--NOW. lol! And then, I still need to grade some papers. Bleck. After that, I'm going up to visit Sharon, and shop some... and have fun with Renee and her cousins... And just relax. God Bless you all! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter-- I don't know if I'll write another post 'till afterwards... But then, maybe I will.

BEGINNING.ENDING.GENTILE.DISPENSATION.title JEFF.IN 55-0109E E-42 042 What is it? I've walked out and looked at that great morning star as she begins to move yonder. What does the morning star say? The morning star is only reflecting the supreme light of the sun coming. Is that right? The morning star, the reason it's so bright, you know why it is? The sun's so much closer to it. It's a pressing on, and the morning star hails the coming of the sun. All right, you morning stars, it's time to go to hailing His coming. Shine morning stars, rise early. It says the sun will soon be here. When we look and see that morning star just a glistening in the skies, it means that the sun will shine pretty soon. And when we see the morning stars of God rising and shining to the glory of a resurrection of Jesus Christ, shows that that Supreme One is pressing on. The lights are gathering, but the morning star hollers, "Hold on; it isn't long till daylight. Hold on, it's not long till daylight. Just keep holding on." As Sister Murphy and them used to sing, "Just keep holding on, daylight's soon coming." Hold on till day. The morning stars are shining to the world now, lighting up the world just before the great darkness and the great thunderbolt from heaven, the coming of the Lord. BEGINNING.ENDING.GENTILE.DISPENSATION.title JEFF.IN 55-0109E E-43 043 Listen close now. Now, He said... I've looked at the morning star, and I thought, "Oh, morning star." I looked down one day standing up there, Brother Wood's and I. He'd just got the fire started, and we was going to get breakfast. And I turned and looked at the morning star, walked out there in them cedar bushes, and the winds whispering through the pines, I stood there, felt good breathing that good fresh morning air, it kind of frosty, plenty frosty... Go down to the creek, get a bucket of water, it'd freeze before you get up. Standing up there, raising up my hands out there in those pines, I looked at the morning star, I thought, "Oh, looky here. What forty five years has done for me." I said, "Oh, looky here, getting wrinkled, my hands getting wrinkled, hair slipping out, teeth going. Oh, what forty five years has done for me." But I said, "Looky yonder, that morning star is just as pretty and bright as it was the day that God blowed it off His hands and said, 'Let it shine.'" BEGINNING.ENDING.GENTILE.DISPENSATION.title JEFF.IN 55-0109E E-44 044 Then I thought of this Scripture. I said, "But God promised if we'd be wise and turn many to righteousness, we would outshine the stars forever." I thought, "Morning star, you're shining now, but wait till we get there." Hallelujah...?... Outshine the stars forever. And I could hear that wind coming down the hill just about the break of day, whistling through those pines, saying, There's a land beyond the river, That we call the sweet forever, And we only reach that shore by faith decree; One by one we gain the portal, There to dwell with the immortal, When they ring those golden bells for you and me. What a great thing. "They that be wise shall turn many to righteousness and they shall outshine the stars forever and forever." So what difference does it make anyhow? What is this little old span here for? This little old dust of the earth, spineless worm, little old mortal body that's got to corrupt and go back to the dust and skin worms will eat it up? Oh, my. Let me rise with all that's in me and shine for the glory of God. Lay aside every weight that the Holy Spirit can transmit His powers and glory through the preaching of the Gospel and the healing of the sick to vindicate Jesus Christ raised from the dead. Oh, my, forever and forever...

God Bless.

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