Saturday, September 23, 2006


As you might have noticed from Sharon's Blog, we're having meetings at my church right now.

And they're wonderful.

Jesus Christ is so good to us.

If you'd like to listen in, you can go to my church's website, and it will tell you how.

E-53 You don't get a mouthful this time. You get a heart full. The same Holy Spirit that fell on the day of Pentecost is stored up. He said, "It's for you and to your children and to them at Phoenix, Arizona." There's to whom that the Lord our God shall call (Amen.) want honey in the rock.
I used to make a little remark like this, watching a shepherd, how they carried the little scrip bags you know. And when an old sheep would get sick, they'd pour some of the honey on the rock, and the sick sheep would go to licking the honey off the rock. In licking the honey, you got some of the limestone, and the limestone healed the sick sheep.

E-54 I got a whole scrip bag full up here this afternoon, and I'm going to put it on the Rock, Christ Jesus, and you sick sheep go to licking. I pray you'll get some of it, sure as the world. That's right. Amen. There's honey in the rock.
And remember brother, sister, I'll not put it on the Methodist church, the Baptist church, the Pentecostal church. I'll put it where it belongs, on Jesus Christ, the Son of...?... Yes.
Sick sheep, just lick, lick, lick and you're sure to get some of the limestone. Just shout to the top of your voice, scream to the top of your voice. While your licking, you're going to get some virtue in there. Just as quick...?... Amen. Yes. Honey in the rock, David spoke of it.

E-55 All right, the rock. There's some kind of an element in a rock that does healing. The old-timers used to, when someone got bit by a mad dog, they'd stuck him against the mad stone. If he stuck, he got well. If he didn't stick, he died.
Well, brother, the worst mad dog I know is the devil. And the best cure I know is the Rock of Ages. Get to It. Hold on to It. Hallelujah. It's a double cure for both sin and sickness.
Oh, what the Church needs today is not a new building here on the corner. It's not a new pipe organ in the church nor some new seats.
What It needs is a good old-time Saint Paul's revival, and the Bible Holy Ghost back into the Church, repentance preached in the fire and the simplicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men unto Me," said Jesus. Holy Ghost and Fire... When we let the Fire go out, we're sinking.
--Brother Branham.

God Bless you all!

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