Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm feeling bereft.

Alysa left from Hartsfield Jackson this morning. I didn't cry 'til she left.

We had such a good time. The only complaint I have is that I didn't have enough time with her. I mean, I did--but--only really a day in SC, at home. And that just didn't seem long enough.

But--what we did do was tremendous fun!

Sunday night, we made it in for the preaching--but not the song service--at my church. The service was great. Afterwards, we went over to Bro. Chris and Sis. Debora's house to hang out with some of the brothers and sisters--a great time of fun and felowship. And it was Aly's proper introduction to southern greeens ('cause Sis. Mary can cook them like nobody's business!)--and BlueBell icecream--and--I'm not sure what else.

We went to Isaqueena Falls on Monday, on the way to Atlanta (or, maybe we should say we took a detour. It wasn't exactly--on the way-- ...

...But it was too pretty

to miss.

Aly got to go behind the falls--which is a fun, slippy, slimy kinda journey--but great fun!

Hahaha--Aly--what'er you doin'?

The other end of the falls--that we didn't go to, because we weren't dressed to get completely muddy... or wet...

We'd thought we wanted to go onto Atlanta--but a pit-stop at home was in order.


First order of business: Whole Foods. We thought we might also go to Ikea--but we didn't make it past here.

I think Aly's in love with this store...

(But then, so am I...)

Then: the crazy, but delish Italian place in Midtown: Pasta da Pulchinella

Then, to Ben and Sharon's, where we talked, sang, and played on our laptops. See Sharon's latest about that--lol!

We managed to stay up 'till 3:30. Then we crashed.

We were up, (pretty) early this morn--to take Aly to the airport.

I miss you, girl.

You're truly one of a kind.

Your dedication to the Lord, and to your friends, is beautiful to see and experience.

May you be blessed wherever you go.

For even though we all want you to return--soon...

We know one day there will be a great reunion, where friends will never have to say goodbye.

I'm looking for that day.

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