Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Now is the time for all good people to talk about their trip...

My story starts much earlier, so I'm gonna do it out of order. It's better that way.

Smokies--gonna have to wait a bit more.

I'd just gotten in from camping the day before. Needless to say, I was a little slow-going, but managed to get off at off at 2:30.

About an hour into the trip--Sam called. And tells me Aly's flight's not coming in 'till 8 PM. Sooo....

I call my mom. (AKA Mama--) She informs me my brand, spankin'new laptop has just come in. I think about turning around. I don't, and continue the foray into Atlanta traffic.
(Which is notoriously awful, by the way...)

I meet up with Sam--and eventually Sharon and Renee. We go to the craziest Southern restaurant. Decorated none too tastefully with 50's memorobilia. The food was good, and s-l-o-w. Just like the stereotypical South--and not like Atlanta. Next time-- I think we'll try something else...ya think?

We go to meet Aly's (now) 10 PM flight, and stand in the HOT parking garage for an hour, talking. Sam and I are headed in the same direction, so we proceed along 75/85 for about 30 minutes--until we stop at the Ghetto gas station--where the girls are amazed that I remain (by all appearances) unafraid of the loud and obnoxious humanity that frequent the place. Aly gets her first taste of bad Southern culture--amd lives to (not) talk about it...

Aly goes off with Sam, leaving me to nearly fall asleep--and keep myself awake by listening to LOUD, sing-along-able Black gospel, while shaking myself every few minutes...lol...'till Sam's exit. It's now 2:30 AM. 12 hours after I'd left home.

Aly and I treck on to home away from home, and arrive at 7:30 AM. Just in time to meet an awesome girl named Rachel, and get ready for church!
So, to church we will go.

In all honesty, this is where most of the sillyness ends, and the awesomeness begins. It was so incredibly silly to drive all night to make it to Jeffersonville, but I really believe we were blessed for it. The service at the Tabernacle that Sunday morning was Wonderful--the Holy Spirit came down, and blessed us all. The evening service was wonderful too.
And for all y'all that walked along the bridge, and endured our many stops for photo op's--lol--God bless you for it!

I could remember that the statues at the end of the bridges were significant, but I didn't remember what about it was... It was good to remember.
--The ax is laid to the root of the tree.


I'm overusing the word, but once again, we were blessed to be at VOG.
Then--the Ohioh River off Spring Street, and Shimph's
(which we almost missed, 'cause we were talkin' too much!)

We went in the Boy Scout store so I could stare at the Nalgenes--and the Carabiners--lol--and the star charts--and the Badges...

Then we went to visit Bro. Branham's grave.

After that, we walked around noticing all the believers around our prophet.
I especially love Sis. Bryant's grave:

and then went over to Becca's and watched the Princess Bride--
Aly'd never seen it before, so it was important!

We started out by going to Tunnel Mill:

Where I fell on my rear in the mud. Really, it was funny! Shoulda known to bring my tevas...

Vacation is not complete without a foot picture...

After I got cleaned up, we went shopping.
Green was the color of the day for me--
3 green skirts, a green purse, a green tote bag, a green hair band, a green scarf....

too bad I'm not. kidding.

Finally, after MANY detours and wrong turns (lol, Rachel!) we made it over to Bro. Trevor's. I don't have any pic's, but a great time was had by all! Thanks for having us over, Bro!

My last evening. I wasn't ready to go. So, we stayed up 'till 4. Talking. Laughing.
Eating ice cream sundays, and drinking marvelous tea.
And watching a movie.

I got 3 hours of sleep.

But, you know. My God is so good. I hardly felt the hours going back. No mishaps (other than Asheville, Heather--lol--and that was my fault!)

Got in just in time for a wonderful service at my church-the start of the anual meetings.

My God is so good to me.

And His Bride is so kind.

God bless everyone in Jeff!

I think part of my heart's still there.

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