Friday, November 04, 2005


I'm alive... really!

I've just been busy lately. Long-Range Plans are due soon, as well as midterms coming up... so it seems like a lot's going on. So, Aly, I've not abandoned you--I just took a temporary leave-of-absence!! My students were so BAD today... argh! They were just loud. They had trouble listening. And I wrote up a student. And others got in trouble too. In fact, as I walked down stairs at the beginning of my planning period, I saw a whole GROUP of students that I teach, waiting to see the sixth grade disciplinarian. Every single one of them were my students, and most of them were all in my first period together. And I wonder why in the world that period won't settle down?! La. But on a happier note... This weekend, I'm not gonna do a thing. Well, actually I am. I'm going to accomplish as much as I can on my long range plans, so that next weekend, I'll actually be free from responsibility. Because Ben and Sharon and Renee are coming up... and we're going to finally celebrate my birthday!! --Celebrate my birthday. lol-- I know-- it was a month ago. However, we've been incredibly busy; therefore, we haven't taken the time. Anyway, it's just now starting to look and feel as it should when my birthday takes place... so it's not really that much of a stretch. The trees are just now starting to be beautiful and red and yellow and orange... and maybe I'll take the time to run to the mountains this weekend.
Why is it fun to take personality tests online? It just is. Maybe it's because it's fun to see where they're wrong and where they're right. Please pray for me. It seems as if I can't break through, past all the stress and worry and confusion that a first year teacher's entitled to. It's been such a struggle, ever since I started teaching, to spend time with Him and His word. But I KNOW--beyond a shadow of a doubt--that God is greater than our confusion, and he will supply our needs. I know that I'm in this job for a purpose. I just haven't quite grasped what it is. I'm thanking the Lord that there is a purpose--a reason--that I'm going through all this. And I know that I'll come out stronger on the other side. Thank you all, my wonderful friends from around the world, for your love and care. God bless you!

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