Sunday, November 27, 2005

I need thee ev'ry hour...

I'm listening to the radio online through Messagelinks right now while I'm also finishing up my LRP's. I don't know how late I'm gonna be up tonight--I just know it's going to be reaallly LATE--and I know that my kids aren't going to get the best of me tomorrow. Thankfully, they are finishing up projects, and they each individually know where they are. I'll just have to monitor and adjust tomorrow.

But anyway--back on topic. I love what's playing--songs from Fernando Ortega's Hymns CD. They're such beautiful songs. And it's so funny, how many of the pple I know who sing on messagelinks radio--tonight I heared Ben, my brother-in-law, as well as my pastor, as well as Bro. Jeff Elkins from Mesa--and if I knew more people, I guess I'd know them too(!!!)

Tonight we had such a wonderful service at church. The messages that come across at my home church have just been for me--and I'm so grateful to the Lord for meeting my need. I know He promised, but when I see it manifested in my life, and in my heart--that is so wonderful.

I love to listen to Brother Branham... but sometimes, it's difficult for me to catch the gist of the Message he's bringing across. It seems as if when the Word is brought across the pulpit, in church, It's amplified--it's meaning is so crystal-clear. How grateful I am for a God-sent pastor, and the fact that I'm in my place--where I belong.

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