Monday, November 21, 2005

'Tis time--'Tis time--To...


I know it. But I've been avoiding it. Because it seems as if I won't have anything happy to say until my BREAK BEGINS at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon--and I'm FREEEE for five days! Isn't it funny--until I became a teacher, I never realized that the teachers want breaks just as badly--if not worse--than the students. All I know is I currently need one... and will be thrilled to take any snow days that God will, in His infinite mercy, give me this year! But in truth, His mercy will carry me through this year, and has already. And I'm so thankful for that. I was just thinking the other day about the kingdom of God. It's something my pastor has been preaching on lately, and I hope that it's begun to take root in my heart and life. It made me think about this: we spend so much time absorbed in the kingdoms of this world--our jobs, traffic, media, news, wars, pain and suffering... The list goes on and on. And we learn the kingdom of this world well. We can repeat its mantras, demonstrate how to survive, and complain with the best of them.

But when we've so thoroughly learnt the world's kingdom--gotten it down-pat--then we go about to learn God's Kingdom--of joy, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. It makes me wonder if I'm not defeating myself, this focus on Satan's Eden. Lord, am I really learning the ways of your Kingdom? I pray I am, one step at a time, through the Great Tutor.


E-14 014 A carnal mind wants God to bring the birthright down to their level. But for me, and I believe all true born Christians, we meet it on God's level. I don't care what I have to do, or what I have to say, how I have to act: the only thing, I want it. That's means more than my popularity. That means more than my job. It means more than my mother, means more than my wife, more than my children, more than every friend I got. Let me have that birthright. I don't care what I have to pay. I want to meet God on His requirement. Whatever He requires, if it's fall in dust, if it's speak with tongues, if it's run through the building and act like a maniac, or stand on my head, I don't care what it is, just so I get it. That's the main thing. That's the spiritual minded people. They want the birthright, regardless.

They want it. And as soon as they get it, it sets up the same reaction it was in that family. Finally, it'll come to a place till there come a separation. A man will have to obtain, if he obtains this birthright, he will have to separate himself from the world, just as Jacob had to.


E-15 015 My, sometimes it means walk alone. But if you really are sincere, and you really receive the birthright, you don't care to walk alone. If the neighbors won't invite you anymore over to dinner, if nobody will have anything to do with you, what difference does it make to you? As long as you've got the birthright, that's the main achievement of your life. As long as I'm borned of the Holy Spirit, what difference does it make? Long as I'm on my road to heaven, what difference does it make what the people say as long as we're walking in the Spirit? And all that's borned of the Spirit of God, are led by the Spirit of God. Sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God, always walking in the beautiful light of holiness, cleanliness.

37 027 Therefore, the Bride in the rapture will come forth, and there it's all preplanned by God, all backed up. From the beginning He knowed every man, every place, who would set, all about it. It's all preplanned. God knew it would be here, and--and when He made it that way so that when we get there--He's gone to prepare a place for us, and when we get there, it'll all be prepared just like even this night is prepared, like this hour is prepared. This...

38 028 His great foreknowledge tells Him all these things, by foreknowledge. He's omnipresent because He's omniscient; omniscient because He's omnipresent. Therefore, by His foreknowledge... Now, He can't be just like the wind over the earth, because He is a Being. He just isn't a myth; He's a Being. He dwells; He even dwells in a house. He dwells in a place called heaven; and therefore, by His omni--being omnipresent--being omniscient, knowing all things, then He is omnipresent because He knows all things.
You... Now, you grew from your birth... When you was born and presented into this world, God knew that you were going to be here in this earth, and you growed from birth to maturity. Things that seem so strange to you in your young womanhood, young boyhood, as children, now seems very real. You couldn't understand it when you was a child, but now as you become adult, you begin to understand and find out that everything was just set just right. And you... It really means something to you now.

40 029 So is it in your spiritual birth. You do things that you don't understand when you're a little baby, come to the altar and you give your life to Christ. You do such strange things. You wonder why you did it. But after while when you mature, as matured Christians, then you understand it. See? There's something picks up and you see why you had to do it. Your spiritual birth... Your natural birth types your spiritual. How--how it fitted to you. In this life as you grew, everything fitted right in, because you were made for that.
Wasn't it a strange thing the night that you staggered into the mission, the tent meeting, or the little church somewhere on the corner, and something, a preacher preached on a certain subject, and you just fell right at the altar? See, see? God knew that before the foundation of the world. See? It--it seemed strange to you why you did it then, but now you understand. You knew what happened. And so fitting to you in this life and will be also in the life that is to come. This world and it's life seems to--to advance as you mature. Everything seems to go right with you.

41 030 I don't believe in a--that a person just happened to be here by chance. Now, just think: when you come to the--the world, everything had to be foreprepared for you, or preprepared, rather, for you. I don't hardly understand that how that we could think that a God that could prepare all these good things for us would not--we could not put trust in Him, that if He brought us in this chaos that we're in now and prepared the good things of life for us here, how much more can we trust Him to prepare the things that is to come (See?), the eternal things.

God Bless!

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