Monday, October 24, 2005

It's a witness...

56-1004 E-42

Did you ever go out (while you're praying), did you ever go out on
a morning after a dark, dismal night? Look hanging on the clothes wire. Look hanging on the grass blade. Look hanging on the leaf. It's a little dew drop. Oh, they're so miserable looking, quivering as the cold, chilly winds are shaking them, but just let the sun start to rise. Watch how they shine. They're glistening. Why? You know they were once up in the sky, and the going away of the sun brought them down, but they've been up. They've had an experience. They are a witness that there's an atmosphere to live in above this earth, and as soon as the sun is the one who draws the dew back up into the skies again. They've once been up, and now they're down, and they see the sun rising. So they know they're going up again, so they're happy and reflecting the light of the Sun, little dew drops.

My blessed little child, as your father in the ministry, though you may be older, but still you're my child. I have preached to you the Gospel, and you're dropped down. You were made to be a son and daughter of God, and maybe you've wandered away; but the Son of righteousness is here with healing in His wings. And don't you want to reflect His life, knowing that you can be lifted up now and lifted up to your rightly position to be God's daughter, God's son? You do.


Anonymous said...
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Alysa said...

Amen! We're just little dew drops, reflecting His glory till He calls us home!

It's so beautiful & simple. Aren't we a blessed people?

Thank you! God bless you. Love you always!