Friday, June 16, 2006

When God looks through the precious blood of Jesus...

He sees me there; I feel unworthy... Had a great time in the Smokies--I'll post on that later.

Sharon's already posted about the trip--go to her blog
to see what she had to say!

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But this is a thought that's been going through my brain lately--

As a teacher, my purpose is to stretch my students' minds in whatever direction I'm teaching--to teach them to think and work more intensely than they've been able to before. Not that I'm always able to accomplish my goal--but that's it.

I have plenty of students who have no desire to learn. Instead, their goal is to float through school, doing the least they can in order to pass my class. So, my job as a teacher is to make my activities towards learning interesting enough--to "stretch myself" in order to meet my students needs.

In this game of life, I was the bad student, and my Lord, the teacher. I was the one who didn't pay attention in class, trying to get by--until God snapped my attention towards him by his amazing grace. He stretched himself--for me.

197 078 God came to the earth in the form of Man, and--and--and unfolded Himself, stretched His tent, from being Jehovah God to become Man to stand the shame and curse. Little Jehovah God in a manger, under a pile of manure, down there crying in a manger; God, the Creator of heavens and earth, standing there in human flesh to take the death of--of your sins upon Himself, that He might free you to be a more of a Christian than what that deer was a mother. How can you reject such matchless love? Then, besides that, He wrote His Word. That's enough. You couldn't take my word, you have to... It'd be all right, but not Him. He ascended on High and give gifts back to men. He come back in the form of the Holy Spirit, same God to open your heart, by the atoning Blood.

198 079 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as Your Father in heaven is perfect. None of us can be that. I don't look at what I am. I--I'm not worthy. You're not worthy. Who is worthy? I don't look at what I am; I look to what He is. He's the One that was looked at. He is my Sacrifice. I'm not worthy to stand here as a minister. If I counted my worthiness, I'd--I'd be in hell; so would you. But we don't look to what we are.
You say, "I couldn't do that. I couldn't call. I couldn't touch--touch God's garment. I couldn't do this."
Oh, you can. Look what happened. He died in order that you could do it, that you could be saved. That's genuine. Would you like to be like that, and like to be remembered in prayer? Raise your hand, say, "I would, Brother Branham."

But He sees pure white, By His grace, I am-- I cannot claim my own worth.

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