Friday, June 23, 2006

My God is real...

And he knows what I need, each and every day, to be able to stand.

He knows the battles we must face to become his image.

He knows when to give the victory cry.

And through his tender care, I grow.

I slowly become what He wishes.

Through his word, I stand correction.

Through his power, I am lifted.

Through his mercy, I have the joy only He gives.

Services have been wonderful--we've been having our annual June meetings--but tonight, the Lord did something so special. The Holy Ghost came down--in both his Power, and his Presence--and filled the room, and we were blessed and strengthened. New christians recieved the Holy Ghost, and older ones got filled again. And His presence--oh, I feel I've kissed His feet.

It seems cheap to put it into finite words. Our God is a consuming fire--one that heals and delivers just as much as he burns sin out.

Praise His Name.

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