Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good Mornin'!

Well, it's not quite morning anymore, but it feels good to say it anyway!

I've been slack with this lately--however. I have a reason to post today.

On Tuesday I got a package in the mail. A REAL, beautifully LONG, BONA-FIDE handwritten LETTER.

From Australia.

With the kind of Christmas card I've been looking for to give myself--but haven't been able to find. And a precious bookmark.

Thank you so much, Aly! You are a queen of friendship.

I'll try to write you back, and return the favor of a REALETTER.

I'm not quite in clover yet... lol... I still have grades to do, and post, and all of that. But at least I now have time to do it.

I need to finish making pillows and bedroom slippers for Christmas... lol!!! just saying that makes me laugh, though I love doing it.

Good Grief. It's been forever since I posted, therefore I have stories to tell!

Story No. 1: My niece Renee, not quite one, took her first steps! How sweet is that?!

Story No 2: I had no school last Thursday and Friday. Guess Why?!?!

Not because of snow.

Not because of ice. We had a little, but only enough for a 2-hour delay on Thursday.

Oh no.

Because the power was out in the town where I teach.


It totally messed up my teaching schedule. When the students come back, I'll be finishing up projects from Literature Circles--that should have been finished before Christmas. But oh well--not everything works the way you try to plan.

Actually, I've learned so far--very little does according to your plan. But just so it's God's plans in action, then everything will be just fine.

For instance: because I was off, Momma and I were able to go ahead and do Cookies for Christmas. Not something I thought I was going to be able to help with this year. I'm glad I could!

I also was able to go ahead and sew up one of the skirts I'd planned to make over the holidays. And now I have another jean skirt. Yay!!

--I'd better go get stuff done. I can't believe Christmas is so soon.

God Bless, everyone!

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