Wednesday, February 28, 2007

THIS is for eating... the other is for PASTE...

Go Mark Bittman!

Today, I must share with you my highly controversial views on bread...

By directing you to the NYT food page.

Please, PLEASE--do not fail to take a look at the video. It's priceless.


I will leave with you a parting shot quote, which we heard about a month ago at a tape service at my church:

96 Notice, every night they didn't have to wonder about bread. Their bread was brought to them every night, freshly.
We go today to get a loaf of bread. If you're a beggar, and you walk over here to the store, and say, "I wanted to desire a loaf of bread."
He would say, "Show me, first, your quarter. I must have twenty-five cents for this loaf of bread."
And what have you got when you get it? Just a little off of cater, but you've got the lowest that the wheat can produce. They take all the--the vitamin out of it, all the bran, and give it to the hog. Mix up a bunch of paste that holds the bran together, and sifts it out, and makes a loaf of bread, made up with dirty filthy hands, many times. You see what you find in your bread, sometime: lumps of hairs, and immoral things, and rat pieces, and everything else that falls into those bakeries. Sinful people, with venereal diseases and everything mixing into it. If you'd see it made up, you wouldn't even eat it. And yet you pay your twenty-five cents or you don't get it.

So, if you were looking for a reason to jump on the bandwagon and start baking your own bread... here's a good one!

Sharon also commented on this quote, which you can find here...

God Bless!

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