Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank you, Lord, for the Snow...

I'm so glad God knows our limits, and can take care of us when we can't take care of ourselves.

Today, this is what I woke up to:

Good 'ole Southern snow. Which will make all lot of you northerners (if you read this) laugh. I know. But unlike you guys that start to hate snow by February, since February and March are just about the only times we get it, we love it. And the hot chocolate and sweet-attack brigade officially begins. (Except that it had already unofficially started at my house. Or never stopped. I noticed today that the Ghirardelli Sweet Chocolate can was almost half-gone. We have chocolate mommy-mice in my family.)

The snow's no longer on the roads, but it's still on the ground, and it now consists of an icy slush that will freeze over and make my cat miserable. (Whew! What a sentence!) The word thus far is a 2-hour delay for tomorrow. But I'm so thankful for my mid-week day off. I needed it.

God Bless y'all.

He's my Lord,
There is no other one
Who can calm the storms of life like my Lord:
He'll give rest to the weary; give new life to the hopeless,
There's no doubt about it; He's my Lord.

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