Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday Mornings...

...are some of my favorite times of the week. This is why:

1. I get to cook.

This recipe is from NPR's Kitchen Window, and I tried it as originally written--almost . It's very good, but I think I'm gonna tweak it a bit, and if it turns out, I'll post my changes.

2. Who could resist this child--even if you'd planned to sleep late and her sweet voice wakes you up at 7 AM?

3. Grandaddy knows how to entertain. Especially sweet Lucases.

4. Mama and baby. Sweetness.

5. It's becoming Spring in the South, and my mother's daffodils are here:

6. And the sweet baby with elephant hair finally has cut his first tooth!

(You can see a picture of it on my picasa site... as well as more photos...)

Happy weekend!

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