Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm late for my update...

Heheh-- a little more than late. These past weeks have been really busy.

According to my Google countdown, SC schools have 16 days 'til PACT.

And according to my other Google countdown, I have 33 days 'til the end of school.

And I'm really looking forward to the summer.

And I'm praying for my students to do well on PACT.

I'm scared for them, as ususal.

But-- to update on everything else going on--
Those of you that I saw or met or met up with in Jeffersonville this Easter...
It was great seeing you and meeting you!

(More pictures of that trip-- or rather, I should say, the few I took-- are on my picasa site.)

It was a great trip, and the Services were wonderful.
My only regret was having to come back and teach on the Monday after Easter Sunday.
That was rough.

Today, I made a forray into baking Soaked Wheat Bread.
Maybe it was just me, but.
I. was. not. impressed.
I'm sure it didn't help I'd forgot the salt, and didn't see the fact that I could use olive oil instead of coconut oil (blech in bread) until too late. I had a bumbly morning in the kitchen. But... Sharon, remember what I said about something healthy having to taste good for me to do it? But I'll give it another try--with the salt and the olive oil, of course--Lol!

I'm slightly ashamed to admit this one, but I am becoming crunchy.

I have made my forays into GOOT.
I would have missed a day--if not more--of school without it.
So-- I guess that proves that if you're willing to stink, you can survive despite the terrible sinus infection that's trying to plague your life out.

And that's why I need to bid you all farewell.
I need to go to sleep!

God Bless!

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