Saturday, March 04, 2006


Oh, LORD, you're BEAUTIFUL... your FACE is all I SEE. For when your EYES are on this child... Your GRACE abounds... to me.

E-10 010 I don't believe that anybody can look in the face of a flower and say there's no God. If he does, there's something mentally wrong with the person. How is one red, the other one white, and the other one yellow, and it's all the same flower, same kind. Where does the color come from? The same sun that shines on the white one, makes the red one red. Where does that color come from? God.
Do you believe that God is in His universe? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Can you see a rainbow without thinking of what God said? The many colors in the rainbow, it's a covenant. Before the antediluvian destruction it wasn't there, but God put the humidity in the earth now, that makes it that way. Take a three cornered piece of glass, stand right into the sun, it'll produce seven perfect colors.

E-11 011 The reason our sins are covered by blood, blood is a--a danger sign to us... Or red is a danger sign to us, but it's also a sign of redemption. There's a red streak of Blood winding its way all the way through the Bible. You can take red, and look through red at red, and it looks white. Red through red looks white. Though your sins be as scarlet, God looks through the Blood of Jesus; they're as white as snow. Hallelujah.
He doesn't see sin anymore. When you confess your sins, and took the Blood of Jesus, sin problem is over. God is looking through red and you look white as snow.
Sometime ago in my homeland... I'm a hunter, and I ride much on a range with cattle. And one--one year I was way up in the mountains. I just love it. My mother is a half Indian. There's enough about me to make me love nature. I can see the sun set. I weep. See it rise, and I can weep, the great white-capped mountains, beautiful... Man hasn't touched it. That's the way God made it. To me it's prettier than all the big houses in the world. Houses is what manmade. Mountains is what God made. I like what He likes.

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