Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Field Trip Tomorrow...

And I'm already tired thinking about it. Lol-- I'd be tired, even if I didn't have the trip tomorrow, though. Grades are due, and so far, that is the one thing I have not been able to master--getting grades in on time. It's on the lines of pulling teeth, especially when there are essays in the mix... lol... as they are right now.

But anyway--Bright and early tomorrow morning, my students and I (along with all the students and teachers on my team, as well as a good many parents) are headed to a fun time--an Aquarium, a Science Center, and a big CITY!! They're so excited... but, considering the excitement, they did pretty well today. One of my boys told me, "Today's the longest day of my life... and tomorrows going to be the shortest!" Lol--My guess is, he feels that way about summer too.

On top of this, SACS came to our school today. For those of you who haven't been involved with the school system, this is an accreditation program whereby schools are declared good or bad--it's not too fun. The evaluator came into my classroom for about five minutes, talked to my one, most difficult, trying, and needy student--and I hope that's not the only impression of my classroom she got. She left a good note; that's all I know.

I sound tired--I wouldn't be so complain-y, otherwise--but I do want to mention the services this weekend... Even though Sharon's already filled you in! I do thank God for a Holy-Ghost filled church, and for the blessings God bestows on us. There was such a Holy, reverent atmosphere at the end of Sunday morning's service--I didn't want to leave. There are times when the presence of the Lord comes in, and just bathes us with His goodness and mercy, and you know that, despite all of your trials, you are His. And you rest in that Holy atmosphere. It just makes me want to draw closer to Him, in my every-day experience... not just when we're in church.

Something my pastor once said has really stuck with me: he said, It's not who you are in church that proves who you really are. It's the everyday, hard walk--where you make the decision to depend on the Lord--or not. It's that time on which the atmosphere and anticipation for a service is built. And if we want that atmosphere, we must seek it in our everyday lives. I don't know if this really expresses what I mean, but I'm trying. You see, since I started teaching, it's become harder to carve out the time to seek God's face before the day starts, and I begin my morning's rush-to-school. God forgive me; I often run out the door without seeking His face. It's not that I want to. It's that I feel caught in the "Lack of Sleep and Time" machine.

I guess, in a way, I'm asking for your prayers. That I would be able to carve the time out--to make the sacrifice--to break through before the day starts. So that, when I walk into church, no matter the time or tiredness, I'm ready to meet the Lord of Hosts like we did last Sunday.

God Bless you all.

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Sharon said...

How was the field trip? I guess you saw from my blog that I had a Dr. appointment yesterday (even if I had been inclined to chase you all over town again :).