Monday, February 27, 2006

Such a Typical Monday...

I walked into school today, tired.

It wasn't because I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before-- I had. But I'd planned to wake up early, do my lesson plans, and then grade some papers. (MANY papers, I should say--since I'm behind, and I need to catch up. And last week--well, I just didn't feel like it. Thank the Lord I'm healed of that nasty cold!)

Instead, I woke up at my normal 6:00--and tried to pray through, and read some. Got up at 6:30, got my shower, had the "morning pill parade" (did I tell ya'll I'm doing a Liver cleanse?--lol--it works!) And ran through my morning routine to get done what I needed to do for the day.

Problem No. 1: It's Monday. Need I say more?

Problem No. 2: I hadn't done my lesson plans yet. Fortunately, the plans fall out of my pen, as soon as I walk to the board and start writing. It just happens-- I automatically know what we need to do next. BUT-- I wasn't teaching the lesson today-- our Media Speciallist was kind enough to come and do it-which saved me from exhaustion today.

Problem No. 3: Because I didn't get up early, I was just plain-out tired. At least, I think that's the way it works. As in, If I'd gotten up early, I would have drunk more coffee--and then I would have been more alert (at least for the time being.)

But I really can't complain. Today was a good day-- I'm finding (by God's Grace) a better balance for control in the classroom--between "Ms. Emelda Trunchbull" and "Ms. Honey". For a while, I could be either nice or mean. I couldn't figure out the balance. But I'm finally figuring out that love--even in the classroom--Love is always corrective. (Teachers should know that by heart.) So when you must correct a student, if you can do it with love in mind, then they take it as it should be taken.

Lately, I've had so many "wake-up calls" to reality. I had to turn in a (mucho offensive) note to the assistant principle (written about me, and found in my classroom). And it really made me reevaluate the way I treat my students. And it made me realize--all over again--that my students are a product of their environments--including the one I create in the classroom. And that is more important than all the knowledge I can pump into their heads (although I'm still trying to pump it in--lol!).

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Sharon said...

Wow. You're learning a lot more in your first year than I did :). Too bad it has to come the hard way-- by experience.

The exact same thing is true with your own children (correcting with love), but I never realized it until I read TTUAC. I think it would have helped me as a teacher to read that book. But, at least I got it in time for my own family!