Monday, February 20, 2006

Wowee! Sis. Sam!

Okay--this is a note to anyone who might be involved in reading both of my blogs--my nearly nonexistent blogspot, and my dying xanga....

About 2 months ago, my school district blocked xanga. I don't think it was just because of a silly first-year teacher, but I think it was also because of the volume of students using it. Sooo... I'm going to start posting on blogspot again, and then copy/pasting into xanga. Because (sadly) the majority of time I used to spend on xanga was actually at school.. And I know why. It was a great diversion to clear my head after a long day at work.

So here I am at school, once again typing away--they haven't blocked blogspot yet! --lol-- Hopefully, they won't.

I don't think I'll try to catch you up on every solitary thing that's happended since the Christmas holidays--suffice it to say, I've been pretty busy... but God is so good. He meets our needs when we don't deserve it--in spite of ourselves.

~~About this weekend~~

I had a great time this weekend--and got to meet a dear friend! Sis. Sam, you are such a wonderful gal--it was terrific to spend time with you and Bro. Ben--and singing, discussing God's Word, laughing, plain Chat-Chatting, and just generally having an awesome time.

Next time, hopefully we'll get to spend more time together--and hopefully Heather can make it next time! We missed you.

May God bless you both!

Hope your trip back wasn't too icy--we didn't get a thing here, despite the fact that I really wanted a 1/2-day or 2-hour delay today! I coulda caught up on some sleep that I lost!

(I wish I could think of more right now--but my mind's kind of blank after teaching 60 students today--some are out.)

~I just realized.... I forgot to do a valentines post.

Funny things that happened:

  1. I forgot that it was valentines. I came into school (late--not so unusual) wearing black and grey-- the only red I had on were my burgundy Dansko (teacher) clogs--!
  2. My students are such gimme monsters... their response to Valentines Day is, "what did you get me, Ms. R?" --at least I don't teach elementary school--it would have been a sure-fire disaster if I'd forgotten what day it was there!
  3. Sweet stuff--one of my students gave me a rose. (well, actually two, but her big sister came back to claim one of them so that one of the other teachers could have hers--lol!)
  4. Hilarious stuff--one of my students gave me a valentine marked to Mrs. (big black line over Mrs.) Miss R------ !!!
  5. I ended up playing with Isaac and Samuel all evening, so that Will could take Beth out--fun, but unusual for valentines' day! (grin)

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Yay! I can comment now! Yay!

For the record, and to join in with Sis. Sam, we didn't really celebrate, either (thanks for the idea, Mom and Dad). I really enjoyed her post saying that celebrating love on one day of the year is like suddenly becoming a "Christian" at Christmas.

Ben did run to the grocery store for me Monday, and he decided it would be nice to pick up some chocolate :). That was a nice surprise!