Monday, October 24, 2005

God has been good to me....

So, this song has been in my head all day long:

God has been good to me,
So very good to me;
More than this world could be,
He's been so good to me...
And it's so true. He has.

Today was the first cool day of Fall. I love this time of year... I know I say that a lot, but I really do! But when I went outside for afternoon duty, I actually shivered in my light jacket, and was super-glad I was wearing my clogs today. Speaking of clogs, are there really any better shoes for winter (and for us skirt girls) than a good pair of Danskos? Other than knee-high boots to keep our tootsies half-way warm, I really don't think I know of any better! (grin)

I still haven't taken my official "Fall Mountain Trek". Maybe when Ben and Sharon come up the second week in November... maybe then we'll do it. But of course, by then we'll have missed the apples. I don't have time to make a decent pie right now anyway.

This weekend, I drove past the mountains. At least. I took Hwy 11 up to Becca's house before going on to Charlotte. lol--I really think I'm gonna end up making my winter perfume/colonge myself. I can't find anything that hits the right essences with me... but I did find something very cool in Caswell Massey: a perfume base to make your own perfume from essential oils! So, in the tradition of French women everywhere (and all the cooks and experimenters in the world), I'm gonna try my hand at it. We'll see how it goes. (Too bad I'm not actually French.. ;) But of course, the best ever for me is still Crabtree and Evelyn's Lilly of the Valley. I just love it.

I was sooo proud of myself for not spending a lot of money this weekend! Hopefully it helps make up for some of the other times when I wasn't so good... lol! But then, I guess it helps that I wasn't really in the mood to shop for clothes. Where I do want to go is Greenville's April Cornell outlet...

Why am I talking about shopping so much?!


I'll stop now.

I'm ready to go hike Table Rock again. Not that I'm in shape for it... I'm not. But I just want to go do it again, the same way I wanted to bike the loop at Cade's Cove this summer. I'm ready to see it in the fall. Becca and I were talking about it last night with a friend... I wish we could go this Saturday, but it looks like we won't.

I broke a nail playing the piano last night. This is a sign of two things:
1. My nails are too long to play the piano properly. (duh)
2. We had an awesome, wonderful service last night! Praise Him.

God is really so good to me. Whatever my need, he answers it, even if it's simply to be chastened or blessed. And some of the things I've heard lately at church have made such a difference. For instance:
We have no original thoughts. Our thoughts come from two sources... either God or the Devil. And we have a choice... to accept or reject the thoughts that come into our minds. That means that we don't have to accept the Devil's thoughts!
That has really helped me overcome some battles lately.

God Bless You!

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