Saturday, March 05, 2011

You (Probably) are from the South if...

  • You still believe cast iron skillets are the greatest cooking medium on earth.
    (You use one daily, and it probably came from your grandmother.)
  • You know that "bless his/her heart" is not necessarily a compliment.
  • You believe in hospitality, but know not to expect it when you're driving.
  • Your daffodils start blooming in the middle of February.
  • You actually like a little humidity, and can't stand that stuff they call "dry heat" out West.
  • "Y'all" is standard vocabulary. It slips out pretty often.
  • You don't mind talking to strangers, as long as what they are doing interests you enough. You've probably made some friends that way.
  • You can tell what part of the South your friend is from by their accent.
  • You believe in the social graces that make men "gentlemen" and women "ladies."
  • You think winters without snow are beautiful, but you love your snow days, where everyone's afraid to drive and the grocery stores are empty where their milk and bread used to be. (Not because of the snow... oh no. It's the ICE.)
  • You expect at least one day of flip-flop weather in January.
  • Iced tea is sweet. It's the law.
  • You know what the Bible Belt is, and where it's located.
  • You know all about health food, but you know not to skimp on the fat in food.
    (It's where the flavor is, sister.)
  • You have strong opinions about barbecue, and where to get the best near you.
  • Schools still don't have things going on on Wednesday nights, 'cause that's "church night."
  • Bluegrass isn't just a bunch of noise to your ears. You like the banjo.
  • You know that summer is at your door when you hear the katydids at night.
  • You don't think a house is really a home unless it has a porch. It's even better if there's a swing.
  • No matter where you are in the world and how much you "loose your accent," when you start talking about home, it returns.


New Mommy said...

I think we pretty much have all of these things in common... probably because we grew up in the same Southern family!

Recently, I've been emphasizing to my children the plurality of "grits." Southern grammar lessons = cultural know-how.

Thanks for the smiles :).

Marie said...

I forgot to mention grits! Do you remember that old-school documentary Aunt C. pulled out on grits? :P Good times.

Aly said...

Ha! This is so you! It makes me miss you!!

I think I should write one, with things like "You know you live in Christchurch when a truck rumbling past makes you jump out of your skin, but a 5.1EQ needs to shake the walls for at least a minute before you consider climbing under the desk."

You owe me an email girl! We need to catch up!

Marie said...

Aly, you're right! I so owe you an email! It's coming to you shortly... :)

I miss you too!