Sunday, June 28, 2009


This quote came from a brother across Facebook... and I needed it. I think I'll always need it.

But when God came to His own temple, the church, the--the people... When He came to them, He filled it, the temples that were dedicated, just like He did at Solomon's temple. He filled it not with creeds, not with denominations, but with Himself. He filled the temple with His Shekinah Glory. So did He do on the day of Pentecost. He filled them one hundred and twenty temples that was up there with Hisself, with the Holy Ghost Itself. The Shekinah Glory broke through upon them.
And then, what Nimrod failed to do, built a temple where every man spoke contrary to what he could understand, God came down, and with one Galilean language, made every man understand what He was saying, and what it was. So there's God to His temple: God to His dedicated temple, not to a man-made achievement, not to what man done; but what God did Himself.

E-40 Oh, it's silly to the people. They don't get it. They were born not to get it, so they won't get it. The Bible says so. All right. God always fills His temple. At the day of dedication He fills His temple. He fills it with Hisself. The same thing today, God will fill every temple that will thoroughly dedicate itself to Him.
Any persons that will... The temple is not this little building here. The temple is not the one in Salt Lake City. The temple is not the one in Rome. The temple is you. You are the temple that God wants to dwell in and express Hisself through it, that all nations might know Him. You are living images of God that God wants to work through.
And any time that any man, or any woman, will forget all the falsehood that they've heard in the world, and come back to the line of the Scripture, and will keep in line, just like Solomon did to what Moses did, Moses did to what God did, God always respected it...

E-41 And if we will come back to the original dedication, and will open our hearts, and empty ourselves, God, in dedication as we give it to Him, will fill our temple with His Shekinah Glory. Then the living God will be moving in a living church, among a Living people and will spread forth His glory. Then together someday, one being this way, and one this way, and one in one part of the country, she'll come together to make the Bride. We'll be caught up in the air to meet Him.
Now, this lovely church, this building that the people with their tokens of their livelihood, with their love for Christ, the worshippers has dedicating today this place of worship, that people could come and worship. Now, my sincere prayer is that every worship will--worshipper will dedicate his own temple to worship in the temple that's being dedicated for worship. That's the real dedication.

E-42 So as our time is gone, but God has no time. Let us remember. How late is it? I'm looking at old people, and it may be later than you think. I'm looking at young people, young girls. Look at these little kids was found cut up the other day, them little girls ravished. How many of them die every year? Thousands with heart attacks, cancer, polio, anything that can kill them, accidents on the road. We don't know how young or how old. When is the time going to come? When's your card going to be called from the rack? No one knows that but God. That's right.
So while you are here today in the dedication of this material here, that worshippers are coming to worship the living God, why not dedicate ourselves to the worship of the living God, and let Him fill us with Himself? And then we shall see the Shekinah Glory return again to the house of the living God, which is the human body, the church of the living God, together in a great revival that would sweep through this country, and around these towns, and all out through here. There'll be such a noise, why, they--they couldn't stop it. There's no way of doing it.

E-43 Do you think you could stop Stephen? Why, he was like a--a house on fire in a high wind. Why, you couldn't stop him. Even the Sanhedrin couldn't stop him, and you know even death itself didn't stop him. He lived on, and he lives today, and he always will live because he had Eternal Life and a house dedicated to the service of God.
I think the thing for this church to do this morning in respect of all that's been done, as we offer God the building for service, let's offer ourselves also.

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