Thursday, June 03, 2010


The end of another school year--really, the end of anything--is always my turn to turn inward and dig deep. I don't like the words "deliberate" or "dialogue", or that over-used word, at least in badly-written books, "process". (It's always made me cringe.)

I prefer reflect. Perhaps because I equate that to what the Lord Jesus wishes to do with every Christian--to beat the dross and muck of the world out in order to see Himself, to shine to others through us.

I'm looking in the mirror this time, hoping to find more of Jesus Christ in my life and actions. And right now, my response back to this view is Lord, help me. Because I don't see what I should. And I can't do it; I can't change; only He can do that work. He's the one to break fetters, turn back hearts, tame tempers, close mouths, and show grace, both in failure and in success. All I have to do is surrender to the sweet Holy Spirit, more and more, every day.

Take my life and let it be
A living sacrifice to Thee.


eagleendtime said...

Yes only He can change us, but there is a part He left us also to face. So we could be overcomers - battles of ourselves and the world. In which we learn to depend on Him even more so.

techranger said...

Hi Marie...

I am a retired teacher and my daughter is just finishing her 6th year of teaching. End of the school year... a very, very busy time for all teachers.

I pray you will have a relaxing, yet productive, summer as you continue to grow in your faith and the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

If you have the time please visit my blogs... (a daily devotional) (a personal journal of growth)

I pray they will be a blessing to you... for His glory. :)

God bless!


Marie said...

Gordon, I only see the parts He does. :)

Larry, thanks for stopping in, and may God bless you richly. I'll take a look at your blogs! :)