Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Room Redecoration: Study and Sewing Room

These pictures are late-- really late. I finished this project over a year ago,
though details have evolved slowly over time.

The desk is a little too tall for me-- I usually end up putting my laptop on the keyboard shelf to type.
When I get the courage, I'll ask Daddy to chop two inches of leg
off .

The "settee" that's big enough to double as extra sleeping room.
The big pillows were a hold-up; I don't know why. They were easy enough to make!

I'm still debating on the effectiveness of the round, shirred pillows.
I'm beginning to think they're too fussy.

The other side, and the wall I don't like. It's a little too blank, yet I don't want it covered with a lot of stuff, either.

--The sewing/crafty side...

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