Friday, January 29, 2010

Thankful List

  • good music
  • playing music (Even better with other musicians, preferably ones better than myself. That's not hard to come by, and I learn more that way)
  • cooking and baking, simmering and stewing
  • knitting
  • reading Elizabeth Zimmerman and Julia Child
  • re-reading books I read as a teenager, and realizing how my perceptions have changed with experiences
  • marking things off to-do lists :)
  • listening to Bro. Branham
  • the word sword is mostly word
  • quick, fun sewing projects
  • a working sewing machine :)
  • writing
  • sisters
  • old friends
  • my oldest nephew's mental connections
  • my oldest niece's zest for life
  • my middle nephew's smile
  • my youngest nephew's hugs
  • my youngest neice's sweet baby chatter

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