Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, All!

Though I like Bro. Branham's way of saying it better...


64 And now, beginning the new year, I want to say, not "Happy New Year" to you; I want to say this to you, "God bless you." And if He does that, that's all you'll have need of for the coming year. And I trust that He will.

And I'm by His grace, we're going to try this next year, if He shall spare me, spare you, by His grace I hope I am a better pastor next year than I have been this year, hope I be a better servant to Christ. I'll try hard to try to live closer, more truer to bring the Message just as He gives me; I shall bring It to you the best that I can, withhold nothing that He would want me to give you. I'll do all that I know how. And I know you feel the same way. You--you feel like that we all want to work together now, for the evening Lights are certainly getting dim, and the sun's far setting. The earth's cooling off; we know that. Spiritually speaking, the church is cooling off and the revival is over. We don't know what comes next, but we will trust God for that, whatever it is...

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