Sunday, September 27, 2009

Upon forgetting to buy my daddy a card...

I went to the store
in search of a card
I walked out the door
After looking hard

I thought I grabbed it--
I really did!
I searched long and hard

for one without "DAD"

Alas! I'd forgotten
the most critical part:

To buy a card,

It most go in your cart

So I'm sad you're cardless

today of all days

But know I'm not heartless,
just a little dismayed.

Yes, this really happened today-- I walked out of the store with three cards in my hand, just as I should have. However, I somehow ended up with two "Happy Birthday Mother" cards, a sister-birthday card, and none for Daddy. I think it may have had something to do with the dearth of cards which said "Daddy" instead of "Dad". My dad hates to be called "Dad". You can claim him as such in casual conversation with others, but you call him Daddy.

This poem was the result of my mistake, written on the way to the picnic shelter where we opened (sometimes hilarious) presents and ate too much food.

And the picture? It's of Daddy, sporting his "Toad Poem" look.

God bless! I hope your weekend was as good as mine.


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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Finding a good card is getting more and more difficult. I wanted to send Janice one for her b-day last week but gave up after not being able to find one clean card. I told her on the phone what happend and let her know I didn't think she'd like any of the cards that I could have gotten...Think its time to buy some blank notecards and personalize with a message...