Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This has been percolating for a week...

I meant to post while it was still summer, but time got away from me. Despite being in school all summer long, I had a wonderful summer. A trip to visit a great friend and a visit from two other great friends climaxed the summer. I really, really need to post some pictures here!

But now that school has begun for the next school year, a new idea has been percolating: the idea of being content with your situation.

I'm an idealist--and I don't like things unless they match up with my ideas of how things should be. And--well, teaching was never part of my plan for life (despite me getting my bachelor's in Elementary Ed.) I thought I'd be on to greater stuff for now. I thought I'd be living the typical Message girl's dream life. For the past four years, I've not been happy to simply do my job, and content to let the Lord lead me onto a higher calling.

My current contentment started with a comment by another teacher. It was simple enough advice: "Be Excited." Be excited to be there for your students and to teach them. (And stop worrying if life isn't exactly the way you thought it would be.) That one small phrase has made the hard job of teaching sixth graders a pleasure--and it's freed me to be more of the teacher I want to be.

I still don't plan on doing this the rest of my life. But I do plan on enjoying the ride, as long as it lasts, until it's time to change.


great hill said...

When we learn to let go and let the Lord have His way, surprises do happen.


great hill said...

When we learn to let the Lord have His way and live that victorious life despite our dreams, wonderful things do happen.